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Shenzhen Amission Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd
Add:3/F, No.16-2 Block of the 3rd district, Huaidecuigang Industry Garden, Fuyong of Baoan, Shenzhen ,China
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Company Policy

Act in good faith, and constantly enhance our core competitiveness, to achieve sustainable development together with clients.

Assist customers to develop new products, providing design processing to marketing of the "one-stop" service.

Provide real technical support to quality and continously accepting new technical challenges.

With "doer" principle, promote a resolute practical working discipline; Using "data" as the foundation, pursue practical and efficient work results.

With mutual respect, starting from ourselves to help others, be optimistic, carry forward the "TEAM" spirit, achieve synchronous development of both individuals and the enterprise.

Our most valuable asset is our people, our manager has the responsibility to provide employees with tools, training, and to adapt to their working environment; our employees have the responsibility to effectively use these tools and training, and to actively maintain a good working environment.

Pay attention to environmental activities, promote environmental protection.
We will be "honest" the implementation of the above content, obtain the trust of customers and make due contributions to the development of human and society.

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